Yippee, it’s spring, so let’s consider some super easy way to make our homes fresh and vibrant to reflect this fabulous season.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably gathered warm and cozy additions around the house to add a more snuggly feel for the chilly winter that has thankfully just come to an end.  The first step is to stand back and take it all in, and not just in one room, lets look at the whole house.  If it says winter, it’s time to pack it away.    

If we play this game right, we can make the major pieces of furniture work.  So, to be clear, we are not suggesting for a minute that refreshing for a spring look needs anything more than switching in new décor items to bring in the kiss of the new season.

Let’s talk colour, it really is up to what makes you happy.  The trends are varied this season, which is a good thing as it means we’ll be able to express our individual colour directions and this seems to be true for a wide range of budgets.  We’re seeing some really gorgeous jewel tones as well as bold bright pops of yellows and oranges.  Earthy neutrals are not going away any time soon and will always work as a great base.

From where we are sitting, we would encourage to play with colour. Nothing is more uplifting than a few bright and even daring colour bursts, and right now we all need a boost more than ever.  As an example, in the living room, if you have a neutral toned couch, start with cushions that will tie into to this shade.  Now for the fun part…

With this neutral base we can build the story that best reflect the mood that represents your personalized spring burst of joy.  Whether it’s bright yellow, orange, emerald green, aqua blue or even a floral combination, it’s time to put out a happy party vibe.  

To stamp you accent colour or colours, you will need to sprinkle it through the room enough so that is feels anchored, but without being too much, it’s a balancing act.  This could start with a few cushions on the coach and arm chairs, as well as a throw or two.  It also needs to be reflected subtly through the room.  So, consider objects like vases, books, something as simple as flowers and even artwork – but it doesn’t need to be a big investment, shop around.  

The same theory can apply to the bedrooms and other spaces in your home – you can even take the spring story outside to the balcony or terrace, it’s getting warmer, so let’s celebrate it.

If you want to create a casual vibe, don’t be too matchy match, but then again if it is a more formal feel that works for you, match as much as you like. 

Spring is a time for joy, let’s bring the joy factor home.

June 15, 2022 — Mark McKie

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