What started as a necessity to ‘get ahead’ in life, quickly turned into a passion for property, design and making spaces glamourous.

mitch and mark embrace the fun and joy of what life has to offer.

Their experience in renovations, interior design, and styling, means they know how to improve property values by creating beautiful interiors that create lifestyles. This dynamic duo has been improving and ‘flipping’ properties with a collaboration of design skills and business acumen on numerous projects since 2005. Improving properties to create wealth through renovation requires a balance between good design aesthetics, ‘know how’ and commercial awareness. 

After achieving so much, mitch and mark were selected as contestants on the Australian reality TV show, The Block in 2019. The audience instantly connected with mitch and mark, their innovation, strong relationship, and zest for life.

 Taking on the largest renovation ever undertaken in the history of the TV show; a challenge that might defeat some, their talent shone through. Considered the best prepared renovators ever to appear on The Block, mitch and mark were always ahead of their targets, delivered amazingly design and well-planned living spaces – all while treating each other with respect and enjoying the journey. 

Since 2005 they have renovated over 20 properties, ranging from cosmetic changes to complete rip-outs and rebuilds. They know time is money and know how to plan and take action to succeed. This pair have worked on projects from small apartments to delivering the most viewed house on the biggest Block in 2019 (Domain website traffic). While they’re not ‘tradies’ they’re prepared to roll up their sleeves and ‘get the job done’. Backgrounds in design, management and marketing mean mitch and mark know how to work creatively with their clients, engaging with people and products to high-end design on an affordable budget.  

They bring excitement and fun to play in everything they do.


mitch edwards

Mitch has always looked for, and found, the Joy in life.

He has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a senior marketing and communications professional across international markets. His enthusiasm, flair and creativity as an innovator in the marketing industry was turned to property and design over 15 years ago.

Always keen to ‘get ahead’ Mitch saw property improvement as the opportunity, tapping into Australian’s desire for high end, quality design that is affordable.

Creating beautiful interiors, combining high-end finishes with affordable design solutions, Mitch brings his unique flair to property.

He’s applied his marketing expertise and natural interior design skills to over 20 property renovations before becoming a fan favourite on The Block (2019).

As a qualified interior decorator, he brings fun, high energy, and a large dose of glamour to everything he does, inspiring those around him.


mark mckie

Perfectly complimenting Mitch’s creativity, Mark offers structure and strategic management to the duo’s clients.

His may years’ experience working with people and being a strategist in corporate life with an education in psychology, enables him to bring strong planning, project and people management capabilities to any project.

He’s understands the personal barriers and strengths effecting successful renovations, and how to create winning team-work to get the job done.

With no prior experience in renovations or property development when they started Mark dove into the first project with Mitch…and the rest is history!

Since that first reno, Mark has created the project management process and model used by mitch and mark to successfully achieve 20 renovations in 15 years.

It’s the same discipline and focus that let mitch and mark lead the way throughout their renovations on The Block 2019.