Whenever the conversation starts about the most important room in the house it generally heads straight to a kitchen discussion, hands down.

Well why not, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home, it is where we all spend so much of our time, it’s kind of like the engine room.  Thinking along those lines, do we feel the same about cars, is it the engine that has us all excited, or even a motor yacht, we’ve been privileged on a few in our time (benefit of having a few wealthy friends in the mix) but seriously we couldn’t even tell you where the engine was.

Don’t get us wrong, the kitchen is a super important driver of the workings of a home and is often the crowning glory with all the right bells and whistles that are available to customize to suit the most exacting requirements of the homeowner.  

We’d like you to consider just for a moment, before we get near the kitchen inside the home, we’ve covered quite a bit of the house on the journey to get there.  With that in mind, chances are that our opinion of the home is already set.  If we weren’t wowed or even the opposite, if we didn’t like what we walked through on the way to the kitchen, is it too late?

So here’s the thing, we’d like to suggest that the most important room of the house is the front yard/garden and the façade of your home.

First impressions are everything. If the garden is well kept, or even better, totally beautiful, and the façade of your home has been given its best chance to shine, chances are your home will be loved and desired long before anyone gets to the kitchen.  It’s human nature to be impressed with what we see on the outside, and if it’s good, we are better positioned to give everything that follows a better chance.  

A few years back, we totally renovated a beachside apartment, we did the most amazing job and everybody loved it.  It was totally beach chic with a fresh and relaxed designer vibe. The kitchen was just perfect, Hamptonsish, with these stunning distressed aqua blue subway tiles as the splash back and when paired with the whitewash floorboards, this place was a knockout.  

What we didn’t consider was the seriously bad curb appeal of the tired 60’s apartment block which was further enforced throughout the common areas that lead to our beautiful apartment with its stunning kitchen. We sold the apartment for a loss all because we underestimated the first impressions that stick in our minds long before we get to the prized kitchen within.  

The most important (or at least most impressionable) room of your home is sitting outside between the curb and everything on the way through to your prized kitchen.  

Join us next time when we chat through some simple tips to bring out the best in your curbside appeal!! 

June 15, 2022 — Mark McKie

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