Right now while we are getting down on ourselves for not starting our long overdue home renovation we are in the middle completing a fit out for our new site for mitch and mark HOME in a bigger space at Newport Beach.  By the time this article has gone to press we will have opened this new store over the weekend just gone by, but at this point the task looks near impossible, it feels like a Block reveal all over again.  

It’s got us thinking that we are far from alone in setting ourselves unachievable deadlines and goals, as though the world will end if you don’t tick all the unrealistic boxes. Yet in reality, we need to get a bit of perspective… 

Over the past few months so many people on the east coast of Australia have literally had their lives washed away by devastating floods, some twice, and even worse there have been lives tragically lost.  Covid continues to torment us, while fuel prices are blowing budgets, let alone the cost of goods in general.  And yet for the people of Ukraine, these issues are nothing by comparison.  

Getting back to our renovation… The reality is that even prior to the issues mentioned above, the demand for trades and materials is at an all time high.  On top of that, the global delay in the shipments of goods has really hit the building trade hard and there simply are not enough materials in the country to meet demand.  

Outside of that, for those with homes and businesses damaged or destroyed by the floods, they aren’t seeking to build more fabulous homes, they simply need to try to rebuild their lives and simply get a roof over their heads.  

So for all of these reasons we want you to join us in taking a collective deep breath and go easy on ourselves.  The Reno's can simply wait, for any of us that have a home and are getting by, we have so much to be thankful for.  

Many of you are heading into school holidays with the potential to enjoy your families and with Easter coming up on the weekend, what better time than now to take a break and enjoy whatever small good fortune exists in your life.  

This Easter we intend to take at least a day to forget about all the stuff we won’t get to. Instead, we’ll hang out with the fabulously crazy grandkids, appreciate the Easter Egg hunt on repeat, and be happy for all that we have in our lives.  

We wish all a Happy Easter and hope you get to spend time with your special people and simply catch your breath – whether or not your home is perfectly styled and renovated, those that count will love being with you.

If you happen to be passing through Newport Beach NSW over Easter, drop by our new mitch and mark HOME store to say hi, we can take a collective breath together. 

June 15, 2022 — Mark McKie

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