We hate to brag, but we have been told on more than one occasion we are pretty good in the bed department, so let’s break it down and make us all bedroom bosses.

We can all make a stunning statement with our bed dressing by following some simple steps and putting in a bit of effort.  

First tip, size is important, so go up a size in your duvet. For a queen bed use a king sized duvet, it creates better coverage and feels more luxurious and generous.  The same goes for the top sheet, they never seem wide enough, particularly with mattresses getting thicker.  We know it’s more expensive to buy top and bottom sheets separately, but you will forgive us for the extra money spent every time you make the bed.  

OK, let’s start dressing the bed.  Fitted sheet on, top sheet on and tucked in at the foot end only, and don’t fold it down at the bedhead end (just yet), pull it all the way up.  Lay your duvet over the bed and just like the top sheet, pull it all the way to the top and don’t fold it down.  

Now it’s time to start building the layers. Approximately a third of the way down the bed from the bedhead end we lay our first throw.  You don’t have to add any more throws, although for texture we often use up to three, but we do think that should be the limit! Right now, we’re only using one.  If you are adding multiples, go for different textures like linens, waffles, and weaves, start with your first one and overlap each heading up towards the bedhead. 

The next step is to fold the duvet only down to slightly overlap the throw.  This creates the layered effect from each throw with the duvet being the highest layer.  Pull the top sheet over the duvet but not totally covering it, we want to create another layer and texture here too.

The space between the bedhead and the duvet needs to be big enough to accommodate the thickness of a bed pillow laying flat.  We’re not laying the pillows flat; this is just to give you an idea of the space we are allowing here.  Our preference is to have either three standard pillows standing up between the bedhead and the folded duvet or a European pillow and two standards, but we would recommend having not less than two pillows otherwise it just won’t feel plush and luxurious.  

To finish off we are adding a maximum of four decorative cushions, and they can either be placed symmetrically or if you want it to feel more relaxed go asymmetrical.  

The colour scheming is up to you but must tie into your theme for the room.  We love crisp white sheets and a white linen duvet as a base.  For one, they always come up fresh and clean with a good soak, but a white base allows you flexibility to change up the palette with the change of seasons.  If you’re bringing in a new colour into the room, use it twice, like with a cushion and throw, it will anchor it and not leave it hanging out there alone.  

Have fun with it and make it a peaceful haven where your dreams will be happy.

June 15, 2022 — Mark McKie

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