Zebra Ceramic Jar - Large


This exotic Zebra Ceramic Jar which is covered in some of the fashionable jungle creatures of all - a pair of zebras, will add interest and style to your décor. A modern take on art deco, it's touch of 'over the top' glamour is reminiscent of old Hollywood. 

Festooned with jungle blooms., against a vivid backdrop with a tribal pattern around the base, it's also trimmed with golden metallic highlights This is one jar that you'll want to put on display to add a lively lift to any room.

Features :
  • Designed in Australia
  • Crafted in ceramic
  • High gloss exterior
  • Trimmed in gold toned metallic paint
  • Decorated with an exotic jungle theme
  • Plugs on the bottom to protect your furniture
  • Presented with a lid with a tribal border
  • Wipe with a clean cloth 
L 20cm W 20cm H 40cm
COLOUR Multi-Colour
MATERIAL Porcelain