Wine Glass - Peach


A beautiful table setting is about the elements you present on the table.  This gorgeous wine glass is surely one of the best means to enhance the beauty of your table.

A set of elegant peach coloured wine glasses made from very high quality glass gives your table that royal and elegant touch of vintage class looks.

The stemmed wine glass comes with a typical vintage classic design. The ribbed and patterned exterior - the gorgeous tint of colour and the sparkling look that comes from the superior finish and fine quality glass is used in making it - all of these features add to its charming and very classic appeal. The wine glass stands at height of 16 cm and it's round base gives it wonderful balance. The glass balances well and should be equally stable when filled with your favourite wine.

Material: Glass, Solid colour

Size: 9x9x16.5cm

This item is handblown so bubbles and imperfections will be found in glass. This is not classified as an imperfection it is part of the uniqueness of glass.