Umbrella Leopard Print


Our Umbrella Leopard Print is a conversation starter that is functional to protect you from the rain but able to stand up to the wind and hold up for the long haul.

The ultimate friendly umbrella!

It is a statement umbrella, fitting for formal events, as well as for everyday usage. Add some chic style to your outfit with this quirky black, brown, and white leopard print. 

This umbrella opens in reverse.

  • You can now put your umbrella up over a narrowly opened car door as so not to get wet while leaving or entering a car.
  • The wet side of the umbrella folds in so your legs stay dry when hurrying into a car or on a bus with your umbrella next to you.
  • Stands up by itself. Very handy when shopping and for drying when wet.
  • Loop Handle for hooking onto your forearm, leaving a hand free for other important things such as 'texting or 'Insta'ing'.
  • Gorgeous designs on the underside of the umbrella when up.

Size: 107cm diameter / height 66cm