Turtle Leaf Napkin Holder


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 Specially handcrafted in an appealing design that is ornamentally classic due to the fusion of two motifs from nature. The infused motif are that of turtles and leaves with the sides of the square shaped napkin holder engraved with shapes which are depictions of the scales of a turtle while the napkin holder is ornately wrought in the shape of a leaf.

Turtles are one of the oldest living animals on planet earth. Not only have they been on earth for several hundreds of millions of years, they also have a long lifespan with many living to be well over one hundred years old. The importance of plants can never be overemphasized since humans can never survive without them. It is these two natural elements that inspired the artful design and ornamentation of this metallic Napkin Holder Turtle Leaf.

Material: Metal
Size: 20x20x9cm