The Rustic Stone Linen/Cotton Hand Towel - Black Stripe


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Our mitch and mark HOME bath/beach towel, The Rustic, is made from 40% linen and 60% cotton.

Contrasting black stripes with the neutral tone of stone and the wonderful texture that comes from being hand loomed, this towel is perfect for bringing style and comfort to any bathroom.

These designs bring elegance to the bathroom, beach, or gym. Handwoven on a loom this process allows the towels to hold up, use after use, and get better and softer over time. Drying yourself will feel like being embraced by a cloud.

These Turkish Towels are made from some of the highest quality Turkish linen and cotton in the world and are more absorbent than traditional towels.

Turkish cotton provides the perfect balance between absorbency and softness which makes it the best cotton to be used in towels and provides maximum absorbency with efficient drying.

Turkish linen & cotton towels need to be broken in to achieve their full absorbency as they have not been treated with chemicals like other types of cotton. We recommend soaking them in cold water for 24 hours prior to use. This allows the fibres to expand. Do not tumble dry after soaking but air dry for best results.

After first use, machine wash your towel in a low temperature. You may then tumble-dry the towels, however be careful not to over-dry, as this can damage the organic cotton. Avoid fabric softeners, they reduce the natural absorbency by coating the cotton fibres in chemicals.

Turkish cotton is premium cotton that has extra-long fibres. Fewer joins results in stronger and smoother cotton threads. Turkish cotton is long fibre cotton and is grown in the small but productive Aegean Region. Turkish cotton becomes even softer, fluffier, and more absorbent with successive washings.

Hand Towel

Size: 45cm wide by 90cm in length Weight: 90 grams (approx.)

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