Set of Standard Pillowcases - 2 x Cypress Pinstripe Linen


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 Our standard sized pillowcases, designed with pinstripes of cypress and natural, are made of linen and create a relaxed bedroom style.

Sold as a set of 2 - 2 x Reversible standard linen pillowcases

Care: Washing is as much about giving them a drink and revitalising the linen yarns, as it is about keeping them clean.

Gentle machine wash as normal and let gravity (and the sun) do the drying work for you by laying them flat or hang them over a line straight from the machine.

They can be tumble dried on a low heat, and are dry-cleanable. We never iron our linen as we love their natural feel and appearance after a wash, but if you want to, the linen setting on your iron will do the job.

We have produced our pure linen with pleasure in mind, not hard work and by caring for them in this simple manner they have been designed to bring you hours of laid-back luxury in bed.