Salad Server - Argentina


The Salad Server Argentina S/2 showcases a highly functional set of cutlery that is equally a decorative showpiece given its tasteful crafting and design.
Apart from its practical food serving functionality it has a fabulous choice of floral decorative motif.
The set consists of a fork and a knife both of which are made using premium quality stainless steel and aluminium materials.
Its enduring ornamental appeal is engendered by its bright, shining palette, its shapeliness and the pretty floral motif. Its palette showcases resplendent silver coloured stainless steel, while the handle of both fork and spoon showcases a bright white and green hue featuring a floral image rendered in green over a white backdrop. They are simply attractive!
Material: S.Steel and aluminium
Size: F:6x2x28cm S:6x2x28cm