Round Tote Bag - Bleach


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There are days when all you need is the sun on your face, the sand tickling your toes and the sound of waves, you need a bag that can make this kind if an outing possible. A carry all such as this offers you adequate space to carry a book to your sun lotion and all that you wish to take. The bag has been crafted from rice paper, is easy to take care of and clean. The handles are long and sturdy. The shape of the bag makes it look chic and you will love its faux leather strappy handles making it look all the more elegant. About 43 cm in diameter, the top is slightly straight and the tassel detail adds to its beauty. The bag expands to about 10 cm in width and thus stuffing in the last of what you wish to carry becomes a possibility.
Crafted in a semi-circular shape with reinforced edges and trims for guaranteed long lasting usage, this Bag Round Tote has a compelling visual appeal. This tote bag is crafted through the use of material that is environmentally friendly, non-infectious and non-hazardous. It has two handles which measure 22 centimetres in length is further decorated using beaded tassel like polyurethane which dangles from the handle. The bag itself measures 37 centimetres in length, 36 centimetres in width and 7 centimetres tall.

Material: Paper
Size: 37x36x7cm + 22cm handle

This item is handmade so variations will occur in finish colour and sizing. This part of the uniqueness of the product. Credits will not be granted in relation to these characteristics.