Pinstripe Black Umbrella


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Classic black striped umbrella for those who like to keep things cool, elegant and minimalistic. Here is your all-weather protection om days that tend to eb wet, too bright and too windy as well. The large canopy size assures you that even your companion will feel the safe protection of its large size. Go on and use this stick umbrella as your everyday accessory or simply place it at the back of the car for those outdoor escapades that sometime end in a shower or rough weather.

An accessory few can do without. Here is a simple yet utterly stunning in its elegant look umbrella that uses lightweight material and fuss free mechanism to assure you that when the need arsiest h opening and closing of the umbrella will cause you least concern. Made from high quality polyester, the canopy is al of 103 cm in diameter and its height is all of 93.5 cm making it well balanced and easy to handle even though its height and width when opened is quite large. The opening action is smooth and the open umbrella balanced well when held from the slip free curved handle. Will look smart and sleek -a more formal kind of umbrella meant for those official outings and trips or those sober and quite affairs. Will make the perfect everyday use accessory for working professionals.