Manicure Set - Blue Crocodile


A great groomed look is as much about your hair and makeup as about keeping your hands looking their best with the neatest of manicure-especially whose travelling when such services in salons ae not reachable. A handy manicure set makes such services available at your fingertips-well literally! Here is one that comes in a set of all essentials tolls that help give you that perfect finish from tip to toes.

They come encased wonderfully in neat package that as clippers, and filers and all kinds of tiny precision tools that will be necessary to keep your fingernails looking their best. This tiny little case affords you the luxury of getting your manicure done on the go. Made of PU, the case opens with a click and reveals several little tools made from superior quality rust free pieces that are essential for a great manicure. Indulge in giving yourself one such set that will always ensure you are looking your best-in every way! Compact-easy to carry and great especially when you like things light and easy to store.

Material: Metal, PU
Size: 11x1.5x6.5cm