Leather Notebooks - 3 Styles


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Two variations exits - "Arch" and "Sun". A great way to keep your memories and thoughts on paper, the old fashioned way! Life is a journey, and this is you place to write about the twists and turns.  Size: 18cm x 13cm.

The Leather N/Book Desert Arch goes beyond being a practically functional notebook which can be used to take and make notes to being one that can at the same time, be used to decorate one’s library shelf, collection of books, and even tables given its brightly coloured alluring outlook. It is made using quality paper material and bound in premium quality leather cover. Depicted on this cover is the image of desert scenery.
The Leather N/Book Desert Arch is a lovely notebook with all the perks of practical note taking functionality and stylish, ornamental appeal. The premium quality leather cover has its exterior surface beautifully decorated with a desert themed motif. It showcases the sun rising or setting in the distance, a staircase, and three urns with one of the urns being used to display a floral plant. What is most appealing however, might be the advice the book gives to every user. Written on the cover are the words “Your life is a story. Write it well. Edit it often.”
Let The Waves has a visually irresistible appeal which is made possible through its use of high quality paper material and premium grade leather material which is predominantly a bright palette. The notebook is made portable and hence, would come in handy in all situations and settings as it can easily be carries around in hand bags, briefcases, suitcases, etc. It comes with a stud clip for tight closure.
Desert Sun takes conventional notebooks and turns them into art! Possessive of aesthetic finesse, this leather back notebook is not just functional for use in record keeping and note taking, but is equally reflective of the user’s taste for stylish things. The notebook features sheaves of paper arranged and bound within a leather cover. On the exterior of this leather cover is the simplistic depiction of a desert and a rising/setting sun.