Leaf Plate Green/Gold


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Inspired by fan-shaped, evergreen leaves, and short cylindrical stalks of luscious leaves. The pattern, the colour, and its texture add a fresh modern touch to one's interior. Green is associated with positive energy, it strongly connects one to Nature, invoking an aura of vitality and calmness. This collection is a minimalist approach to breathe Nature's essence into one's interior. This lovely piece of pottery will make a bold statement as wall art. It's sure to emit a cosy ambience to bland walls.
Leaf Plate Green/Gold has a retro motif, bringing back the ancient practice of eating off large leaves. This is an upgrade to large leaves, making food appear more appealing and appetizing. Leaf Plate Green/Gold is the perfect centrepiece for a tropical-themed home. What's more? t's classic accent communicates style and sophistication. This conveniently holds snacks, piles of cookies, or sliced fruits. It's a deluxe presentation to enthrall guests. Place this tray on the nightstand filled with nuts and chocolate for midnight snacking.