Greeting Card by Anna Lohe - 'WHEN FRIDA MET CARMEN'


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Produced by local artist, Anna Lohe, this card is blank on the inside to write your messages of love, joy and best wishes. 

About this artwork: This painting started as two colours. The ultramarine blue colour is called Frida and the hot fuchsia pink is called Carmen. So, when those two colours collided on the canvas, I created a story in my head about two friends, sisters or lovers called Frida and Carmen, having a jaunt through the jungle eating A LOT of fruit.

The blue mirror is an homage to the most famous Frida as I thought she would like to see her reflection with her flower halo already in place on her head. I didn’t paint her mono- brow – got to be kind to the sister hood.

This card features detail from the original painting, with some of the elements from the original painting not shown.

 Card size is 128x55mm.