Garland Beads - Sky Blue


The touches of wood blended with the palest blue of the sky, or the sea, here and there in your spaces brings the calm of natural tones of the sky and the water in terms of colour and texture.

Add texture with this garland made with handcrafted wood beads, the line and direction of the look changes rapidly, molding to different shapes. 

Made from fine quality wood, smoothened and evened out to create these beads, there are so many ways in which you could use this delightful light wood coloured beads in your décor. Made using fine quality wood that has been carved and shaped for an even toned set of beads strung together with linen thread. Can be wound around the wrist or the neck like an accessory or could be draped round flower vases, candles, wrapped around baskets and simply allowed to flow out of baskets and jars to give an easy farmhouse look flow in with it. The presence of wood invites freshness and a possibility to lend more colour to match its earthiness. Reminiscent of prayer beads, they are also effective in connecting the space to a serene and calm ambience.

Material: Paulownia Wood
Size: 51x4x1.5cm

Handcrafted item - variations in size and finish will occur. Please note rustic finish is part of the decoration of the piece. Due to the nature of material, cracks may appear and knots /fault lines are a design feature of this product. Note Wood is not sealed. This product is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Materials non-hazardous, non-infectious and non-toxic. Avoid contact with moisture and store/ display them in a dry place. For indoor use ONLY. We recommend using artificial plants for decoration.