'Garden' - Essential Oil Candle Pillar



Subtle crisp grassy-lemon overtones of lemongrass cochin together with hints of floral lavender and citronella java for our hand poured naturally insect-repelling candles. Perfect for summer nights outdoors.

Burn time: 120 hours (approx) - 3 cotton wicks
Dimensions: 3kg. Click for full dimensions.

The Pillar Candle, designed for long evenings outdoors, is hand poured with naturally insect-repelling scent. Made from natural wax and essential oils with three cotton wicks for even burning.

Hand poured in Australia using the finest grade essential oils and fragrances.

It’s a must for balmy summer nights.

Welcome a stunning clean and fresh scent to your outdoor living, that not only emits a beautifully fragrant ambience, but helps in keeping the insects at bay. A practical and beautiful gift in one.