Double Handled Shopping Basket


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The lightweight and sturdy nature of rice paper makes it a great choice as a material for structuring bags with especially the ones needing to be strong enough to carry your shopping and yet feel lightweight enough to be used like a regular tote.

Here is one that will add to your stylish looks as an accessory and complement your dressing perfectly. For that day you want to spend at the beach or the afternoon shopping this is that tote that can carry all you need.

The paper fibre bag is a delightful mix of subtle colours -large enough to be used as multipurpose tote, and strong enough to be your regular shopping bag. The bag has PU made handles that add to its look as well as strength. The bag is lightweight and easy to fold and carry in a larger bag and can be used when needed. The weave is not too tight which allows the bag to have a flexibility to fit in things. It's 40 cm in height and 34 cm in width with double handles that give it more durability and strength. You will love the combination of soft beige with brown and dull orange that makes it all the more attractive. The zippered closure keeps things safe within.

Material: Paper, Pu
Size: 40x34cm + Handle

This item is handmade so variations will occur in finish colour and sizing. This part of the uniqueness of the product. Credits will not be granted in relation to these characteristics.