Champagne Flute - Marine


A beautiful table setting is about the elements you present on the table.  This gorgeous wine glass is surely one of the best means to enhance the beauty of your table.

This is a sexy piece of glassware with emphasis on its slender bowl, double tier stem and a pattern base. It as well characterizes dramatic patterns, geometry design, and circular motif.

The Champagne Flute has less surface area and the upright piece with it's small mouth will preserve wine bubbles from going flat. The champagne flute is shaped uniquely to enable bubbles accumulating promptly. This champagne flute is something unique and exotic for a change. With this translucent piece, one gets a whole new vibe and heightened tasting experience. This champagne glass has a marine blue tone that adds accent colours to conventional glassware and fun to any celebration. This will set the mood for funkiness and excitement. It's a great housewarming gift for champagne lovers.

Material: Glass
Size: 6x6x19cm

This item is handblown so bubbles and imperfections will be found in glass. This is not classified as an imperfection it is part of the uniqueness of glass.