Black Palms Coasters - Set of 4


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Features palm trees in dark tones with a contrasting white background. It effortlessly enhances the beauty of any space with the tropical ambience. Enjoy the fun and fresh vibe it brings to living spaces.
Swap bright colours for monochromatic tones with these Black Palms. This artistically illustrated pattern of leaves welcomes a fresh, tropical vibe into any space. Plus its beautiful theme will effortlessly revitalise any space, transforming it into a jungle paradise.
This collection was hand-carved, made exclusively and polished from ceramics. The glossy ceramic finish gives it a beautiful shine. 
Handcrafted, this coaster is ornamental and immensely functional for preventing stains or damage to surfaces from mugs, bottles or wine glasses.
Material: Ceramic
Size: 9.5x9.5cm