Vogue Coaster - Set of 4


An ode to Spring, flower power and the Sixties when all that mattered was to let the world know of how free you felt.
There is a summery vibe added to a retro mood in the print that is featured on these coasters. There are four ceramic coasters in the set and each one brings a pretty bohemian feel to your space. Overtly Boho chic, the ceramic made set of coasters will instantly bring afresh new vibe to the space ad while adding this new energy will do a splendid job of keeping your tables and counters spotlessly scratch free as well as free from any staining due to food and beverage marks. Enjoy the fun and fresh vibe it brings to living spaces.
The glossy ceramic finish gives it a beautiful shine. 
Handcrafted, this coaster is ornamental and immensely functional for preventing stains or damage to surfaces from mugs, bottles or wine glasses.
Material: Ceramic
Size: 9.5x9.5cm