Dip Spoon - Orange Burst


This design is inspired by the round, and beautifully sweet citrus fruit, the orange and is characterized by the rich, exotic colour and details that gives it a realistic feel.

A lovely dinnerware that highlights the richness of the orange. It is carefully hand-crafted to show off the beauty of nature.

Every piece is handmade and unique, this perfectly-shaped spoon is just the right size to scoop food with ease and comfort. Featuring a bright, vibrant colour exterior and a white interior with orange details that add depth to the design. When not in use, Dip Spoon Orange Burst is perfectly ornamental and complements one's kitchen by adding a playful touch.

It has a smooth texture and firm grip that makes it an ideal accessory for the dining table. Perfect for both cold and hot meals, this spoon is designed to bring comfort to its users.

Material: Ceramic
Size: 11.5x4cm