Framed Leaf Veins


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The concentric circle of dry leaves, is simply mesmerizing. Each leaf showing its veins in a spectacular display of details. Stunning in its intricacy, and yet naturally basic- a combination of a simple idea that can only be called a natural Masterpiece. What a great means to enhance the beauty of your walls! Delight your spaces, with the right addition of earth work that can make all the difference to the Elegance and Charm that you seek for your decor.
This framed artwork is as organic as anything natural can be. Linen has been used as a backdrop for the amazing concentric arrangement of dry leaves. Lifted only slightly away from the surface, each leaf can therefore show off its shape, and natural pattern despite overlapping with the one behind it. A simple idea that has been excellently brought to the fore. The piece has a frame invite which helps give the at work a natural depth and dimensionality therefore adding more to its beauty. 60 CM in dimension, this artwork is a great pick for your personal spaces, as much as it is for commercial ones. It will combine delightfully with all kinds of nature inspired art and helped make the space feel serene, calm, and harmonious.
Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm