Reality Reno with Mitch and Mark

We’re so excited to share our podcast hosted by acast, the podcast specialists.

It’s a podcast for anyone who lives in a house or apartment, rents, or owns, and wants to make their space a better place to live or, anyone whose interested in that. We’re passionate about property and creating better living spaces from simple changes to things we could only dream about - beautiful spaces, fabulous living… Our goal is to help people navigate the world of renovation, create dynamic and inspiring spaces for their homes, all while staying relatively sane!

"Absolutely loving the podcast! I am loving the honest vibe but the raw honesty of all guests. Thank you for sharing this with the world."
— Sharnz K
Great podcast, full of laughs and some tears too. Open, honest, raw and always very cheeky and funny just as this couple always has been. Well done guys for such a fun show.
— Nixy D
My evening walk on the plateau is that much more enjoyable whilst listening to your show. Cannot wait for next week's episode!
— Jane
Beautiful souls with interesting guests and respectful chats x
— Jen P
Awesome awesome podcast!! Love that you end each episode by giving your guests an opportunity to ask you a question! Love it!!
— Nat N
Great podcast guys. I listened on my drive up to the Sunshine Coast. You two are just fabulous & an awesome, hard working couple. I am looking forward to the next episodes.
— Susy
Episode 17: Melissa Tkautz….read her lips…

Episode 17: Melissa Tkautz….read her lips…

An actress, singer, model, presenter, housewife (we mean a ‘real one!”)….reality star.

She’s all of these things, and recently inspired Australia, showing she’s made of tough stuff, facing her fears on SAS, coming out with whole new insights and regard for herself.

We sit down with the charming and fabulous Melissa Tkautz and find out what she learnt from her time on SAS, and on the Real Housewives of Sydney….and her long and enduring career.

April 19, 2022