An actress, singer, model, presenter, housewife (we mean a ‘real one!”)….reality star.

She’s all of these things, and recently inspired Australia, showing she’s made of tough stuff, facing her fears on SAS, coming out with whole new insights and regard for herself.

We sit down with the charming and fabulous Melissa Tkautz and find out what she learnt from her time on SAS, and on the Real Housewives of Sydney….and her long and enduring career.

Elegance and grace are qualities she retains, and now a commitment to embracing herself.

Melissa is known for her career as an actress and singer. Popular from her performances in E Street, Home & Away, Paradise Beach, Echo Point, Pacific Drive, Medivac, All Saints and movie roles in Boar and most recently The Possessed.

In our chat we explore what it’s like to be an actress, and to then experience reality TV? How did SAS change Melissa, or allow her to see who she already is? With all her wonderful fashion choices on Real Housewives of Sydney, is she a master of interior design, or needs some help with home styling…. and more.

We hope you enjoy discovering more about Melissa Tkautz…we did!

Find Melissa at

              Instagram @melissatkautz

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April 19, 2022 — Mark McKie

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