After all the business and chaos of Christmas, lockdown and New Year we were hoping to get a little bit of a breather, but it seems that it will be a while before we actually get a chance to take a break for longer than a few hours.

But make hay while the sun shines is the old adage and that is what we are doing.

This week we have sunshine in the form of the eccentric and wonderful Fren family - who you will know best from Channel 9's TRAVEL GUIDES. They are a salt of the earth family and what you see is what you get. No holds barred. We love them.

We recorded this chat in August last year and the family were scattered all over the place and to be honest we didnt think we would get this to work... but it does.

Enjoy our Chat with The Fren Family

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February 20, 2022 — Mark McKie

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