How many countries around the world do you think are green with envy of the way we, here in most parts of Australia, are able to enjoy outdoor living and entertaining pretty much all year long – lets just say lots of them!!

We spoke recently about deck maintenance and the importance of it from a practical and aesthetic perspective, so let’s go a step further now and talk outdoor styling and furnishings.  Given that we have this gift of incredible weather for outdoor living, we really should pay just as much attention to this aspect of our home as we do to the interiors.  

In our case we probably do the vast majority of our entertaining on our terrace, and even when it’s just the two of us, we really love being outside.  In the summer months it’s a given but when it cools down, rather than heading inside we crank up the outdoor heating, have a wonderful throw handy or throw on a sweater and we’re good to go.  

Given that we all spend so much time outside enjoying our decks, terraces or patios, it would make sense that this is the area that we spend up big on furnishings and styling pieces.  Maybe even go so far as to say that we could consider our outdoor entertaining spaces to be the most important socialising room/space in our homes.  After all, in Australia we have perfected the ‘outdoor room’.

In the work we do with clients related to home styling and decorating we realized that it is, for the largest part, related to indoor living areas, bedrooms and even bathrooms.  The bathrooms is interesting as so much consideration goes into the towels as a style choice.  Yet when it comes to the pool area, which is often a space on show for entertaining, the towels are there merely for drying purposes without consideration of the style, however the right look can add to the overall feel of the space.  

When it comes to furnishing and styling the rooms on the insides of our home, we all commonly give it a lot of thought, whether we engage a stylist or not we are planning, scoping and weighing up all the choices available.  We get to know what’s on offer, become aware of the trends or the options available in our own styles regardless of trends.  

When we are furnishing the rooms inside the house, we work toward establishing exactly what our desired look is and then adjust according to our budgets.  The most used room in your house (or outside of it) deserves at least the same consideration and research. 

With outdoor spaces, statistically a lot of thought and often a lot of the budget is going in the BBQ or smoker or pizza oven or the likes.  Whether we like to admit it or, this is often the bloke's domain and a source of prowess, king of the domain. 

The outdoor living space styling and furnishings are often left till last, when the budget is depleted, and the enthusiasm is diminished.  At this point it is not uncommon for people to head to the likes of the garden section of the hardware store or even a discount supermarket to hunt for outdoor furnishings at the best price.  It’s often as a way to fill the space until the funds allow something preferred, but how often do we get use to this temporary fix and it just stays.  

There is nothing wrong with going for a bargain option for furnishing any room in your home, but we’re just suggesting you treat your prized outdoor living space with the consideration it deserves.  Invest in this ‘outdoor room’ as it will get so much use. Do all your research and put in the effort and we are sure you will love what’s available and the potential enhanced outdoor living on offer.  

June 15, 2022 — Mark McKie

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