Since opening our mitch and mark HOME retail store in Newport NSW we have been overwhelmed by the support and interest in our store.  We have had so much fun meeting more and more of the friendly local Northern Beaches folks.  We’ve also been overwhelmed by so many people that have travelled big distances, some travelling from the other side of Sydney, across the state, and even some interstate visitors – thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

As a homewares store, our aim is to enhance the décor or feel of people’s homes. This could be as little as adding a room fragrance via a candle, room spray or diffuser, or adding cushions, a throw, lamps, or even updating the linens in a bedroom.  

We are commonly asked to assist people with their choices, which we love doing as we want any purchase to be the best option to complement the space where it will end up.  We see it as our job to make sure the purchase selections in our homewares store will improve the space they are destined for. We also suspect that the same applies to all people working in homeware stores, they want to help their customers make the most suitable purchases.

So here are a few tips on how to get the most out of people like us – passionate homeware store retailers.

Don’t ever be afraid to tell the person assisting you in the store what you are looking for, they are there to help, not just to sell. Sharing exactly what we had in mind while shopping for our house on The Block, saved time, helped us find the best match and often inspired the retailers to really search and even head out to the back room looking at new stock arrivals to find that magic piece.  

It will really help find the best pieces for your home by being able to clearly describe the look and the feel of the space you are buying for. This includes the colour scheme and in particular the colour(s) of any objects that will stay in the space.  Think of it as like buying clothes for yourself. We tend to not only know our size, but also what styles work best on our bodies and the colours that suit us as well as the colours and patterns that pieces will go with. 

Smartphone technology now means you can carry plenty of photos of your home spaces to not only jog your memory, but they will go a long way with getting the most out of the assistant looking after you.  To go a step further, knowing the dimensions of your space and the furniture in it, will help ensure the size and scale of the pieces you add will be correct. We recommend taking in lots of photos, online, or magazine inspirations.  We carry some stunning large lamps and many of them are in fabulous bright colours and patterns. While these lamps will be gorgeous in the right space, they can also be too much in the wrong space – too big or too clashing with other pieces in the room.  

We love to assist our customers in selecting the right pieces to make their home spaces beautiful and we’re confident that most people working in homeware stores feel the same and are very eager to help too – put us to work.

June 15, 2022 — Mark McKie

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